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The new trend in fabric, paint and wallpapers for 2021

Dressing the walls of a house is a crucial part of a home renovation. Good looking walls can change the whole feel of your house and impress the visitors as well. Besides, it is quite essential to choose the right colour and texture for the walls to complement every other thing in the house.

But, how to make the most compelling walls of your living place or working space? Well, in 2020 there are tons of options available in the market right from paint and fabric to a wide variety of wallpapers. Wallpapers have been equally dominating in the market since its evolution. You can find any kind of wallpapers may it be floral or contemporary geometric or else abstract. The same follows for fabrics and modern paints as well.

However, the real challenging task is choosing the right stuff which suits your space in the best way possible. It is quite time consuming and requires a lot of efforts to finalize the most suitable option. Here is where decor companies in Abu Dhabi excels your expectations with the team of most experienced professionals. We are the leading renovators with the best reputation in client’s satisfaction.

Innovative ways to dress up your walls

Our experience and knowledge in wall décor can be of great use for your requirements. Thus, here are few of the most stylish ways to dress the walls.

Minimalism with bold palettes

You can go for the best palettes for interior and decor in 2021. Minimal wallpapers along with the bold palettes make the best pair if you prefer minimal design. Greyish or brownish wallpaper along with the vintage coloured furniture like brown and red enhances the entire look of your interior. You can also mix many designs in this category to get the best output. We can help you in choosing the best colour combination based on your taste and preference.

Nature inspired walls

Nature inspired walls with greenery and fine texture can be a good choice if you prefer a neat environment. Subtle touch of greenery along with white background is also a great option in this category. It is a classic and elegant way of reflecting the greenery and cleanliness outside to inside. Our team can provide the best solution in this category with fine choices of wallpapers.

Graphics and geometrical arrangements

If you prefer maximalism with a bunch of colours forming geometrical patterns, this category is a perfect choice for you. Whether it is with white furniture or vintage floors, this combination is always at its best. Well, all you need is a right combination for different rooms in your space. Such a choice could be a bit difficult, which is why we simplify your efforts with best designs.

Bold acrylics with a touch of latest trend

Although wallpaper is leading the trend of 2021 to a great extent, you can also go for acrylic or fabric paints. When complemented with a touch of floral or contemporary geometric wallpapers, these can leave the best impression on the visitors. Textured wallpaper also comes into this category of wall decors.

Our team can provide the best solution for your requirements with the best range of fabric paints and wallpapers that meets the modern trend. We go through broad research to choose the best suited interiors for your renovation for this.

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