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Nursery Interior Design Tips For 2020

nursery design for kids

Experts say that humans are being programmed untill the age of seven. From a child’s birth onwards he/she is accumulating programs inside their brain according to the environment they live in. If a child acquires programs that could positively affect his/her creativity and skills then there is no doubt that they will become successful in their life.

Nurseries are places where kids get used to a new system and learn new things out of their comfort zone. As these places have greater importance in a child's life, the appearance or the design which they get attracted plays a significant role. From the corridors to the roofing, everything matters. Let's take a look.


As children get attracted to vibrant colors easily than adults, colors which we select for designing matters. Try to use fancy colors which kids get quickly invited to. Moreover, include cartoon characters also which will attract their attention and in turn, the first day's weeping session could be avoided.

Include fancy wallpapers so that even if they start making problems or start weeping, we can deviate them through funny stories by changing their thoughts.

colorful nursery walls
nursery toys for kids


These group of things also play an essential role in keeping kids active in the nursery. Try types of furniture that are made up of on some innovative ideas which will keep kids love the nursery.

Try to avoid heavy furniture and avoid ones that are made up of steel or any metals. The main reason is the individual parts will be joined together by nuts and bolts which may get unscrewed and will come off. Also, there is a possibility that the paint coating on those metal surfaces may come out, and maybe those are the items kids find to swallow and might lead to severe consequences.

Most importantly, purchase furniture that is suitable for the height of kids because we don't want them to climb up or fall from the tabletop.

Toys play's a vital role in moulding a kid's character and their perspective about the world.Give them toys which can stimulate their creativity, explore their passion and become a unique individual when they grow up. In simple words, please don't give them toy guns, cars, toys with sharp edges or scary movie characters.


We can buy lots of decorative items, but make sure that those things will keep the child engaged and will make him think. As the age of 2 to 7 is very important in brain development of a child, thoughtful usage of decorative items will help in developing the brain of a kid.

Try to avoid heavy decor items even if you have it fixed properly. It's because kids are curious, and their enthusiastic minds will tell them to explore the décor items you put for them.

Also, avoid items that are hanging from the ceiling. It's just a safety measure. Avoid placing electrical devices and lights from their hand reach. Power plug points should be higher enough so that their hands could never reach on them.

decor items for nursery
mini library for kids


Kids achieves ideas about the world through images and symbols. They learn all of the things using their eyes and ears. It is good to have publications that have rich image content.

Even though kids of age from 2 to 5 doesn’t really learn to read properly, but having some books with interesting stories in the form of pictures and symbols are can make quite an impact on kid’s creativity and cognitive abilities. Here you can include some comic books from DC or Marvel comics.

It is even better if there is somebody who can explain the stories in this books to the kids. Kids love to hear stories as much as adults hate to tell the same.


Avoid intense and very bright light because the kid's eyes are susceptible to intense light. Colorful decor lambs which shine like a rainbow could be added, and kids will love it. Choose lights according to the accent color of walls and wallpapers so that everything matches perfectly.

Apart from all these things, as children love visual media, a digital presentation room containing 3D facilities can be arranged. It is an innovative idea which will attract both parents and children to the nursery.

lighting on rooms
visual media room in nursery


The visual media room should be arranged such that. Its interior should resemble planetariums, where the children could explore their fantasy towards celestial objects.

Here too we should avoid heavy and hanging items and keep them away from their hand reach. Everything a kid see here must be something new, something that the kids will be interested in and should stimulate their logical and creative abilities.

Don't forget to execute these steps while you are designing kid's nursery or creating a mini nursery at home. Also feel free to contact our designing team if you need professional help from our interior designing company.

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