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Most Appreciated Interior Designing Styles in 2020

Interior designing has the power to make a place a beautiful haven and a spot to be calm and revitalize one’s mind and energy. The choice of each design element is vital. It should be matching to the trends of the time. It should be appealing to our senses and it should be powerful enough to energize the people live in it day by day providing a sense of freshness every moment of the day. So to match these qualities, here are some brilliant home décor ideas for you from Safe Way Group, one of the finest Interior design companies in Abu Dhabi.

Selection of Calm Colors

According to many studies, the human mind and body respond to the colors surrounding them. Brighter colors are powerful to stimulate and invigorate you but they tend to make one restless and a little anxious. So, calm colors are the best choice if you need to relax and rest in a room. There are many colors that belong to the class of calm colors viz blue, grey, yellow, white, tan, green, pink, and violet. Among these, blue is the queen of calm colors. It has the most soothing power and the capacity to calm your busy mind. It is a good color for bedrooms that can help you to sleep fast.

Curved Sofas

Your thinking is right. Curved sofas need more space and it cannot be fitted to a corner and back up against a wall to provide more space. If the space is small, that should be your option. But in a spacious room, a curved sofa can create a wonderful style statement and provide a regal and warm atmosphere. Add a little velvet and a few printed cushions to the match and it will be a perfect fit for your spacious and cool room. Seek the help of one of the reputed décor companies in Abu Dhabi to help you to make the best choice.

Statement Rugs

Statement rugs can provide an at-home feeling and a brighter and coherent atmosphere to your home. The role of a rug is to provide a layer to its décor and anchor a room. If the room is painted with calm colors, go for some strong colors for the rug and highlight it with some upholstered furniture. Rugs are also helpful to provide warmth to an area. If you need a little more effect, select a differently shaped rug over a standard variety to create a more visual effect. A good Interior design services Abu Dhabi can help you to choose the perfect combination.

Marble Print Styles

Marble print is another style that can procure a calming effect on our senses. It is a timeless design and fastly becoming a trend in recent years. Marble side tables can create an atmosphere of elegance in monochromatic surroundings. The kitchen island and countertops or cabinets can be decorated with marble style. You can add the floor designing, table, lamps as well as the dining table to the mixture. But too much marble can reduce the effect but a few perfect pieces will be quite brilliant to add to your home décor.

Minimalist Design

Minimalistic style is coming back in the recent years. It was the prominent style back in the 1960s and 1970s and again becoming a fast hit in 2020. The power of perfect pieces organized in a wide space is quite remarkable. It can provide a look of cleanliness and freshness to the room at every moment. You can keep the magazines, throws, and other paraphernalia that do not needed always in different wicker baskets to maintain the minimalist style of the room.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is becoming quite popular in 2020. It is simply marvelous and romantic that can provide plenty of personality to a room. It can be used as lighting over lounge seating, breakfast bars, and tables. It can provide highlights with brilliant styles and hues. A Sculptural piece of pendant light is a charm that can raise the eyes upward and provide a touch of color that can bring balance and provide brilliant aesthetic to any room.

Interior designing has the power to provide character to a place irrespective of its infrastructure. The role of a good a company like Safe Way Group to do your interior designing job will be one of your wisest decisions as they know the trends and armed with more understanding to make the style statement you dream to make in your home.

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