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5 Important Elements in Interior Design that everyone should know

The look and feel are something that affects human comfort exponentially. A very small item can make a huge influence on how a person feels about that place. It is not just art but has a lot of scientific backing. There are a lot of factors that directly affect the design of a room. The most important of it is how well lit it is and how spacious we have made it.

People do not want to have a feeling of being packed into a room even though the physical dimensions are extravagant. The arrangement of properties, their size, shape, etc has a huge influence on how a person feels as their comfort zone.


The distance between and around the furniture of a room about the room proportions is vital for any interior design. We need to attain a balance between negative and positive space for a comfortable feel.

The positive space is acquired by the furniture and the negative space is the room between them. In short, the open area is often referred to as negative space. While a room is supposed to be spacious it will be bad to have too much negative space. And too much positive space will usually tag the room as cluttered.


Lines are classified into horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, etc. Horizontal lines are created using windows, doors, etc. Vertical lines are usually influenced by tall objects. Items like the staircase often contribute to the diagonal and zigzag lines. Lines affect the look and feel of the room. It is very important to choose the right combination to get a comfortable feeling.


The form includes the shape of the room and the furniture involved. Artwork, accessories, etc also influence this metric. Just like in the case of space and line, we need to try and achieve a balance. The form needs to give the room a shape and feel. They can be soft, oval, square, round, etc.


Light is one of the most important elements in the design. Almost all designs use a combination of natural sunlight and artificial lighting to generate the ambience intended. While a lot of designs like to use sunlight extensively, curtains, window covers, etc are used to control the intensity and quantity of the sunlight available to create artificial lighting conditions.

The colour, brightness, intensity and angle of artificial lighting are adjusted to play nicely with the natural lighting through windows and doors. Use of mirrors, light reflectors, containers, etc can further fine tune the experience to our liking.

It is normally a combination of the right kind of brightness and dimness and the colours involved.


Choosing the right color can influence the overall lighting of a room. Even though It is more of an illusion than actual color plays a crucial role in the overall brightness in a room.

Colour can also influence the mood of a room and make it feel large, small, cozy, uncomfortable, etc. Different types of rooms demand different types of colors. Colors act differently with natural and artificial lighting. So it is important to consider this while selecting the right color.

According to our policies, Safeway experts will make sure that they have gone through the all-important elements according to clients' needs.

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