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How To Renovate Your Office Space

Building a commercial office space from scratch in itself takes a huge amount of time and planning. Now, there will come a time when an itch starts on your mind, your mind tells you to renovate the space, to brighten it up or change the theme, the furniture, the design, and other aspects. Once, that itch in your mind begins, there is no escaping it. Renovating your office space will give it a fresh new feel not only design-wise but also for the employees, as new atmosphere and design elements will vastly influence their productivity. Before starting the renovation, you should ask yourself, why are you renovating, is it for more space, is it for productivity, or is it for any other reasons. Now, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas and designs, the best thing is to approach an interior design firm that can showcase you a wide range of portfolios to get you inspired.

Top Office Renovation Ideas

1. Give It A New Look

With overtime and the number of people coming in and going out, the paint on the wall can take up a lot of abuse with all the dust, smudges, and other elements and will start to look dull and will start chipping away after some time. Making use of a fresh coat of paint that is bright, lively, and warm will help you boost the office interior atmosphere by a huge margin, as a fresh coat of paint along with the office lighting can positively influence a person’s mood. Ask all your staff for suggestions, which color, which shades, the combination after a workspace is a place where everyone works together in harmony.

2. Bring In The Greenery

In the current modern era, office spaces have started going the greenway, the eco way, by incorporating various plants and climbers inside and outside the office building. Employees are being allowed to bring their favorite indoor plant to be kept in the office anywhere they like. Having plants in the office space have a number of positive effects from proper air circulation, constant supply of fresh air and eventually also helps to lift up the mood of the staff. Having plants in the office space will give a totally different feel altogether.

3. Flooring

The flooring aspect can take up a lot of your budget if you are not careful. If you are on a tight budget you could always go with lamination, as laminated products will look and feel like their counterparts and will last a long time. If you want you can opt for vinyl flooring or natural stones and tiles if you are trying to include the theme of tradition in your workspace.

4. Wall Decor

Now wall decors come in various varieties, there are wallpapers, murals, posters, and wooden wall decor are the most common types. Wallpapers are fully customizable and come in various shapes and sizes can also include custom design and elements. Murals are paintings that are drawn on the wall, they can be of any theme and any size and just be creative when it comes to murals. Now, wooden wall decors serve two purposes, they will improve the overall look of the place and at the same time can also act as a storage unit without being out of proportion. Most of the wooden wall decors are now designed to incorporate storage spaces also without compromising on style. If you want you can posters upon the wall, maybe a quote poster to keep the staff motivated and so on.

5. Light It Up

Don’t be too bright and don’t be too dull, this should be your goal when it comes to the lighting department. Before we get to the artificial source of lights, an office space must truly make use of the available natural light with enough windows, there must enough windows to let in the natural light to make the place feel bright and warm and not dull. Now coming to the artificial lights, go with LED lights as they will last a long time and choose from various light designs such as sky lamps, table lamps. Include a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting in your office space.

6. Furniture and Layout

Consider whether you are going to change the layout or just give other visual treatments. Are you going to add personal workspaces like cubicles, a brainstorming room, a design room, and so on? If so, have a proper idea first, convey it to the interior design team so that they can work on it. With a new layout comes the need for furniture. Buy furniture that focuses more on functionality than form. Like chairs that can be adjusted and tables that have height adjustments.


Now the above-mentioned points are the most important things one should keep in mind before starting the renovation process. Are you only going to give it a fresh coat of paint or a complete revamp, whatever the case may be, proper planning is always needed. Combine a fresh coat of paint with lighting, wall decor, nature, and layout to create a space that is truly unique.

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