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5 Essential Home Office Design Tips

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29 June, 2023

Your home office should be a comfortable and inviting place where you can spend time and get your work done efficiently whether you spend the entire work week or just a few hours there. Whether your home office will be located in a small bedroom, or just the corner of a room, there are a few essentials you will want to consider when creating a productive workspace at home. Read on for essential tips for creating a beautiful and practical home office design.


You can find the right place for your home office anywhere and they can come in different sizes and shapes. It can be in a separate room, quiet corner, or in the kitchen. The location should be best for you, it should align with your needs and requirements.

It might be best to locate your central command post in a kitchen area if you're a mom, and you should choose a space away from your household distractions and daily flow if you're a professional.

Provide Enough Space

Your office space should be sufficient for you to work comfortably and productively. In the office space, you should be able to move from side to side, stand up and sit down easily. The right design of the space will ensure easy movement inside the workspace. You can also use the same key measurements professionals use to design a workstation.

The Right Desk and Chair

Choosing the right desk and chair is essential for your home office. The desk should be wide enough to place any items necessary to do your work. An adjustable height desk can also be considered, this will allow you to work standing up or sitting down as per your wish. Investing in a good-quality chair that is comfortable and adjustable will ensure the well-being of your neck and back. A skilled interior designer will help you choose the best desk and chair for you.

Storage and Shelving

The storage in your home office is often overlooked when you're designing a workspace, but it has a big impact on your productivity. If you need storage, make sure you include enough shelving, filing cabinets, or cupboards. Keeping your inbox at your desk is a good idea. Ensure that your current work is within reach at all times. Make sure your filing system is nearby. Don’t forget reference materials, if you use manuals, catalogues, reference books, etc which you need to do your work should be kept nearby.

Natural Light and View

In any office space, good lighting is essential. It is therefore advisable to choose a location with plenty of natural light and a view if possible. Enjoy the view outside when you're not working by positioning your desk facing the windows. You can reduce glare with translucent window shades or blinds without darkening your room. By including a mirror and painting the walls with light colours, you can enhance the natural light available in your office room. Lighting from above will provide good general illumination. Provide shadow-free task lighting and extra light in the evening with a desk light.

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