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Designing Majlis with a Modern Flair

Even though the actual meaning of Majlis points to a council, it closely relates to a place of sitting as well. Majlis at home is a symbol of hospitality in the Arabian culture. It is where families welcome their guests and treat them with the utmost care. Meant to be a place of conversation, a Majlis design embraces the essence of connection and is set up as a medium for a comfortable human to human interaction.

Traditionally, the Majlis is where people gather to share ideas, resolve interpersonal issues, and entertainment. Over time, it evolved to become something more personal and cultural. Therefore, the largest room in a house is often designed as the Majlis. The seats in Majlis are of the same height to aid communication as well. And since it is a conversational space, fixing TV screens inside Majlis is not a good practice. However, the prime element of any Majlis is not its size or luxury but the sheer ability to make its customers comfortable and feel cordial.

Everything Monochrome, But with an Extra Colour

To deliver the cosiest experience to your guests, modern Majlis design focuses on subtle themes but with lighter colours. The latest approaches use a single colour blended with a lighter tone, mostly white or cream backdrop, to showcase a supreme yet straightforward design. Beige, gold and blue are the most preferred colours that can set the right ambience for a conversation.

Unlike the traditional approach, the lighter tone approach is applied throughout the room, from the ceiling to the floors. Therefore, anyone can see the face of another person at the other end of the room; enhancing visibility. It is instrumental in designing Majlis as they are usually the largest room in a house.

Warm is the New Cool

The ambience of a place sets the right mood for an event. And for a place so unique, warm colours are preferred over the cooler ones. The warm tone of the area is soothing for the eyes and makes the guest feel relaxed as well. And that is why modern Majlis designs adjust its colour tones to give the room a warmer feel.

Not about Size but Comfort

The conventional design followed the practice of using the largest room as the Majlis. However, this trend is changing as people are giving more priority to space management and comfort. Modern designs focus on using the minimum space to provide the most comfortable experience for the guests. And that is why novel additions include placing tables just an arm’s length away from the seat yet ensuring enough space for others to move around. It is a significant trend as it is keen about comfort rather than boasting the luxury of the room.

A Blend of Tradition and Trend

Modern architecture and designs embrace the best of the tradition but also optimize it for maximum comfort. Choosing upholstery and furniture designs that sustain tradition is a widespread practice today. Again, the traditional Arabian arches are re-surfacing inside modern Majlis to welcome the guests with luxury. However, the conventional aspect of using large doors and placing a chic cupboard at the entrance area is still followed today as well. And to make your guests leave their shoes at the entrance, make your Majlis more gratifying by using the best carpets.

And Geometry

Along with other innovative designs, families are also happy to integrate simple patterns and texture inside their Majlis. These patterns help you match the overall look of your room to your upholstery and carpet design as well. This new practice not only gives an aesthetic finish to the interior but also helps you blend the traditional aspects of a Majlis as well. More creative approaches also deploy elegant lights and chandeliers to enhance the experience and set the ambience inside the Majlis.

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