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Designing a top-notch commercial interior for Sigma Engineering

Modern interior

Given that Sigma Engineering Works offers engineering services, they wanted to create a functional and appealing office.

Sigma Engineering serves the energy sector with fabrication, production, service & repair, and other services. In order to attract customers, companies must make their space welcoming. As a result, they choose to engage with Safeway Groups to design a distinctive and practical office.

Sigma Engineering Works is closely related to the other businesses in the group because it is a division of Mazrui Energy Services. Therefore, when creating the interior, it must be distinctive without sacrificing the office space's functionality. Therefore, Safeway Interior aims to provide the most effective office while emphasizing appearances.

We were able to give Sigma engineering the greatest commercial interior design by engaging closely with them, learning about their requirements, and comprehending the type of design they had in mind.

Sigma Interiors is satisfied with the new appearance of their interior, and together we worked to make their office space more appealing and their reception area more welcoming. We also made their waiting room comfortable by placing comfortable furniture there. We were able to finish the job quickly and give sigma Engineering the final output at this time thanks to their and our good communication.

By analyzing their needs and the potential for future expansion, we were able to provide them with a complete interior design package that includes

  • Concept Plans
  • Design Proposal
  • Full set of building-approved plans
  • Full set of concretion plans
  • Finishes selections and schedule
  • Furniture selection and procurement

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