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Ultimate Interior Design Trends of 2020

Modern, chic, and minimalist styles are getting more and more prominence these days. But there is another trend is appearing in the interior designing horizon and that is not simply minimalist but with a little bit of luxury to the side. Plush fabrics, some deep and exotic colors, abstract furniture as well as some unexpected greenery will provide the desired result of moderate elegance and class. Let us see the top five trends from the list.

1. Intricate patterns on floors and ceilings

Patterned floors are always a trend especially when one is selecting a hardwood flooring. It is classy, brilliant as well as comfortable to maintain afresh. Patterns on the ceilings are also getting more prominence day by day. Chevron, parquet, Herringbone, etc., are some of the patterns that can easily create beyond wood to tile, brick, and other materials. There are more and more creative patterns are appearing in the designers' palate day by day and one can select easily from any one of them. you can seek companies like Safe Way Group as they are being one of the best interior design companies in Abu Dhabi.

2. Jewel Tones

Each Jewel color is linked with special traits and qualities. For example, blue indicates calmness and dependability. It is also a proven fact that the backdrop of blue can soothe a tensed mind. A blue-painted room is good for better sleep. It is the color associated with the sky and ocean. Rather than going for blue or green independently, you can try teal, that bring out the best of blue and green. Besides teal, purple, turquoise, and ruby red are also making a huge impact in the designer field. You can always set the jewel tones in the backdrop of the right variety of white, and the effect will be magical.

3. Sculptural and Abstract Furniture

Sculptural and abstract furniture is also a hit in 2020. With the uncommon and different shape and style, a sculptural piece of furniture can stand out in a room. You can provide a proper setting to highlight its beauty and uniqueness. You can place a sculptural sofa before a streamlined coffee table to highlight the contrast and provide an abstract aesthetic feel to the place. The safe way group can help you to make the perfect choices as they are one of the most sought after office interior design companies in Abu Dhabi.

4. Velvet, again

Velvet is always a hit and there is no fabric variety to match the silky, soft, plush, and luxurious feeling of velvet. It is not only suitable for old and dark victorian home interiors but modern open spaces also. As testified by many of the Décor companies in Abu Dhabi, velvet is gaining more popularity in home and office interiors. velvet is now come as adaptable as possible to suit perfectly in a modern style interior. A velvet sofa, some velvet throw pillows, velvet drapes on the windows, etc. will make a wonderful combination when done in suitable patterns and colors.

5. Green plants

The coolness, beauty, and a sense of at-home provided by green plants are wonderful. Hanging plants are slowly making their mark in the interiors. They are quite a sight when hanging from ceilings n par with the designs of the ceiling and floor. They can make a room more colorful and cheerful and provide calmness when one needs to spend more time in the setting.

According to many experts, these trends are here to rule and won’t disappear for some time. So you can choose them confidently. Safe Way Group can provide you with the perfect design that will be matching the designer trends of the period.

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