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Interior design tips for kids' bedroom in 2019

kids room design

Can you picture what your bedroom looked like when you were a kid? I believe it wasn’t like the creative, colorful, and undeniably cool spaces found nowadays. Kids’ bedroom is not only for sleeping, playing and working, but also a place for inspired ideas and judicious editing. No doubt, most kids spend lots of their time in their bedroom.

This is more reason why kids’ bedroom should be a reflection of their little personalities. But it’s easy for any busy parent to quickly get lost in the world of interior decor ideas for kids’ bedroom. But no worries, we will show you in this article some of the best interior decor ideas for your kids’ bedroom that will give your kids an extra safe, friendly, and comfortable sleeping environment.

Modern and Colourful Kids Room

Kids like colors but this doesn’t really mean you should make the room an amalgam of colors. Focus on two or three colors, especially your kid’s favorite color, and use them throughout the bedroom in a beautiful and refreshing combination. You can add a rug with a few extra touches of colors for contrast. If you would add patterns and accessories, ensure that the patterns are consistent throughout and all the accessories match your chosen colors as well.

Bright Books

Adding a shelf that showcases bright children’s books makes your kid’s bedroom comes to life. Aside from the fact that the shelving makes the books look organized and easier to access, the bright book covers also add bright colors to the bedroom.

Country Turquoise Room with a Soft Green Carpet

Combining turquoise walls with white door frames and windows makes your kids’ bedroom look more classical. Adding pale green rug with a soft and friendly texture simlilar to the one in the picture makes the bedroom feel extra cozy. You may add a soft pouf to add to the impression. Finish the wall with a mix of geometric prints to make the bedroom a perfect space.

Implementing these ideas with the help of an interior design company will give your kids a perfect bedroom to start their day once they open their eyes in the morning.

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